Destination USA; The City of Baltimore


About the city

The largest city of the US state Maryland, Baltimore occupies a position of significance in the entire country for various reasons. Besides, being the largest city of Maryland, Baltimore also counts as the 26thmost populous and the largest independent city of the country. The city is often conspicuously known by the name Baltimore City so as to distinguish it from the nearby Baltimore County.

There are a string of names fondly attributed to the city, owing to variant reasons. The sixth President of America John Quincy Adams dubbed the city as the Monumental City. Its other variant names are Mobtown and the Charm City.

The city has had quite an eventful past since it played a crucial role during the American Revolution with its leaders such as Jonathan Plowman Jr. stirring its citizens to offer strong resistance to the British.

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The important centers of attraction of Baltimore are National Aquarium in Baltimore, Fort McHenry Oriole Park at Camden Yards among others.

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