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Labor day celebrations are an annual event that is celebrated globally with roots from union  movements cry for reduction of work time and more time for other personal and social engagements. Though the first day in May annually is widely noted as the international work day, however, different countries commemorate the efforts of their workers yearly.  This page views different places as they celebrate a victory that could be considered a global and well-deserved success. It is made easier with cheap air tickets for anyone considering going across the globe .

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Canadians parade but their marches are deeply entrenched in the sands of both traditions and reminisce. The celebration recalls a turn around from rigorous fifty-eight hours weekly labor to fifty-four hours per week. Though pains came before the gains, it is also a day where labor heroes of yesteryears are celebrated though several names may not be remembered to the deeds of these can never be forgotten.

Some of the traditions of Atlantic Canada include soccer and classical labor films. Apart from the regular union activities, its non-union events include; picnics, fireworks, aqua games, etc.

In Jamaica, the day has the dual significance; a public holiday (with its traditional trimmings) and a day of voluntary service to everyone’s immediate environment. The day assumed its second meaning after a clash between divergent trade groups in 1972. This has aided to reduce the emphasis on unionism and has amplified the importance on unity in diversity. The national event takes place on the twenty-third of May annually.

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New Zealanders, celebrated the courageous step of Samuel Parnell every fourth Monday in October. It is now regarded a holiday. This break was previously commemorated on different days in different places in the country before 1910.

June 19 is the day of Trinidad and Tobago. The holiday was birthed from the riots of butlers in 1937.

Syrians celebrate May Day as well as Labor Day on the first of May every year, and it is a nationwide holiday too.

Nigerians share the same celebration pattern with Syria, and the day is generally regarded as a day of rest for the working class.

The first Monday of September is the day laborers don’t labor in the US. It marks the end of summer vacation and the beginning of a new school calendar. After the events, naval officers duck their usual white uniform for the navy blue ones.

In Australia, dates are fixed at the convenience of the states and territorial officials.  It is celebrated on the first Monday in October in New South Wales along with South Australia, second Monday in March in Victoria with Tasmania.  First Monday of March is the western Australians day while Queensland and northern territory have it on first Monday in May.

Celebrations are jolly times whose stones could have been laid on the struggle of others. The Labor Day is a very good instance; the labors of men anxious for better working conditions. When next you celebrate workers try it the Jamaican way. After some years, your locality would be better for it as a group of individuals makes up unions.

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