South African Destinations: Paraglide in Cape Town

Plan a Paragliding Experience

We sometimes dream about having wings to fly across the sky and in an incredible manner.  There couldn’t be a superior spot to encounter the rush than high over the shorelines of Camps Bay and Twelve Apostles or at the Table Mountain high ground. You will be exposed to an amazing experience of paragliding in Cape Town.

Many have engaged in the awesome activity of paragliding across cities and nations with so much revelling. Also, if you choose to have the arrangements of paragliding on your own, you will consider it a splendid occasion with so much fun. It is in addition, an energizing leisure activity.
Incredible Sentiments

Once you soar in the skies, there is no going back, and there is no desire to be elsewhere as you fly above the rest of humanity with incredible sentiments.
If you remember the experience of having your first set of toys as a kid, then you can come close to appreciating what paragliding holds for you.

Paragliding has a set of rules, a couple of dos and don’ts that are needed to be adhered to in order to enjoy the experience safely. Everyone who keeps an eye on prevailing regulations can relive their experiences time and again with a proclivity to soar once more across the skies.

Things to Consider

•    The first step to paragliding in Cape Town is to locate an area with amiable mountain scenery that is profuse with the needed air current and sufficient edge to provide you with an upward pull.

•    The upward air ebbs and flows help para gliders in flying upwards in the airy skies. Often a change in climatic conditions can result in a downward pull, which exerts so much pressure as to result in an unpleasant experience like crashing down.

•    Paragliding can take off from the ground and in flight; you are at close embrace with nature in spite of its obvious perils and circumstance, it remains an overly enjoyable outdoor activity. It particularly brings a sense of bonding to participants as most people enjoy it as a group sport despite the peculiar individual experiences which are sure to last you a lifetime.

•    The game caters for pilots of different age description and gender. Female and male pilots are involved in the age bracket of 17 to 84. Few people will ever take the jump, and in addition experience individual flight, which makes it a personal decision to make. But what is life without adventure?

•    You may have thought-about floating and also hang-skimming, micro-lighting. However everyone bears a few burdens, not just the time it will require learning, yet the expense and proper conveyance provisions.

Paragliding in Cape Town however has numerous preferences, remarkably, over the last three years or thereabouts paragliding apparatus is beginning to wind up in availability and has become more compact. Today the lightest paragliding equipment weighs 2.5kg, and this rolls down pleasantly as a fast reversible knapsack/outfit, simple enough to hang on your own back whilst strolling, biking or driving.


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