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Oakland is a port city situated on the West Coast in the United States of America. It’s the 3rd largest city and makes for the busiest port in San Francisco Bay. It had been integrated in the year 1852 and currently serves as the County seat of Alameda County. The city has emerged as one of the most attractive travel destinations of the United States of America and promises a series of posh restaurants, attractive nightlife appeal and leading music venues. The city positioned between Bridgeport and Boston has significant economical presence with a median household earning of $51,863 in the year 2012. The chief tourist attractions here are Chabot Space and Science Center, Lake Merritt, Oakland Museum of California, Jack London Square, Oakland Zoo and others.

About Shuttle Bus Services
With each passing day, the popular metropolitans across the globe are witnessing substantial influx of people. It becomes very problematic to traverse over populous foreign cities, without you having any knowledge about the streets. A Shuttle Bus can be of great services during these situations since they will offer you the convenience of your time and safety. The Shuttle Bus or Mini Bus services can be availed at affordable prices and on top of that you will also be offered custom experience.

These Shuttle Bus or Mini Bus service providers ensure that the health of the planet is in shape, by offering eco-friendly services. This is one of the chief reasons why the Shuttle Bus services are such a favorite among tourists these days.
The Mini Bus or Shuttle Bus can take you anywhere – be it a wedding party or else a business convention or for that matter a school function. There is no replacement for Rental Shuttle Buses when it comes to handling larger crowds or group.

The dispatchers of these Rental Shuttle Buses will help you with organizing your guests during a business convention or corporate gathering held by you. The drivers of these Rental Shuttle Buses are equally well trained as well. Not only do they drive efficiently but they are also very alert about passenger safety. The Rental Shuttle Buses or Mini buses, in fact, in general are safe— since you are not wandering along lonely on a foreign location or else are brooking the chance of boarding a wrong public bus on your way to your destination. The Mini Buses or Rental Shuttle Buses are thus a worthy investment. Come to think of it, you can beat so many concerns with a Mini Bus!

The Mini Buses are made available by various companies. And, you are perfectly aware of the time when these Mini Buses will be arriving to pick you up. So, there is really no reason to waste crucial time on road. One of the most important features of these Mini Buses is that their drivers don’t end up eating on your precious traveling time by asking for directions on road.
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