Capture London Tourist Attractions and the Best of British Traditions

The city of London is the center of modern civilization with its more than 300 hundred years of continuous expansion and substantial renewal. When people are planning a visit to this destination, they want to be sure of likely places to visit in London as well as what they require to make the visit a memorable one.

Things to do in London

Apart from planning to see London Tourist Attractions, coming in contact with the people and enjoying the panoramic view, contributes to making the visit worthwhile. People who go to London as visitors are at liberty to spend their time in leisure. A visit to the parks, monuments, landmarks and other places of royal heritage will a good mention as things to do in London.

London Tourist Attractions

The London Eye is a landmark of international reputation that many people have read about in books, magazines and blogs. Including it as one of the places to visit in London is worthy of consideration for a first time visitor to the United Kingdom. It is located at the South Bank of the river Thames in the precinct of the British Parliamentary building. Access to this location is possible from underground stations at Waterloo, Chating Cross and Westminster. Seeing the London Eye is one of the remarkable things to do in London.

The Big Ben is prominent among London Tourist Attractions and is inside the Parliamentary Building clock tower. It is most conspicuous during the evenings as the light comes on with radiance. It is one of the vivid images of the United Kingdom and is not open to visitors who come into the country from overseas. It is most accessible from the Westminster underground station.

Going to the Tower Bridge is one of the things to do in London for most visitors who come to the UK from all over the world. It lies astride the river Thames and is accessible from the underground station at the Docklands Light railway and other adjoining stations.

The shard has the reputation as one of the tallest buildings in the city of London. It is a common feature as one of the places to visit in London and has exterior glass panels that are about 11,000 in total. Visitors are able to catch a snapshot of the city from the upper floors at a cost of 25GBP.

Other places to visit in London include the Westminster Palace which is host to the British parliament and was in ancient times, the abode of the Kings of the British Empire. The Buckingham Palace is home to the Queen of England and the official royal residence of Her Majesty. A cursory look at this royal abode is a recurring item on things to do in London.

Several places to visit in London include the Central London, Hyde Park, Science Museum, National Transport museum, National Maritime Museum amongst others. These are all considered as London tourist attractions and every year, people come from across the globe to catch a glimpse of these treasures of British tradition.


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