You Love Barca?Holiday in Spain with a Camp Nou Experience

Ardent football fans across the globe are followers of the Spanish La Liga with the thrills and action scenes that it offers.

Many people, who love the Catalonia giants- Barcelona FC, look forward to the opportunity to watch their live games at the Camp Nou.

The Camp Nou is the home grounds of Barcelona FC and it has a sitting capacity of 99, 354 in its expansive grounds. It has the reputation as the largest stadium in the Spanish landscape

Where to Stay around Camp Nou

For most people, the lure of a holiday around the famous Camp Nou is one that carries with it such bated expectations and excitement. There are a range of facilities where you can secure accommodation during the period of your Spanish holiday.

 Whether you prefer the prospect of an inland adventure at the villas or the comfort of an apartment, the pick is yours to make.

Apartments vary in size and description from a 3 bedroom to 5-bedroom size that are within 12 to 50 km of Barcelona. They are fully furnished, complete with swimming pools and needed facilities to make your stay awesome.

The serene environment of the Barcelona countryside and landscape makes it a wonderful destination for tourists from all over the world.

The Villas

There are villas which can sleep up to 13 guests that can be found within the 50km radius of Barcelona and these are a holidaymaker’s delight.

They have facilities like swimming pools and fully furnished rooms that can guarantee you a pampered football vacation in the vicinity of the famous Camp Nou.

Other lodging facilities are also available like castles, cottages and houses which give you a multitude of options to choose from for your Barcelona holiday.

Most of the facilities are within a driving distance of the popular beaches, so you can fulfill all of your beachfront fantasies.

It is also important to note that private pools exist in most of the lodging facilities to guarantee you some privacy if that’s what you desire.

A range of other services are available for your Barcelona holiday while you enjoy the La Liga games at the Barcelona FC home grounds.

The Icing on the cake

The icing on the holiday packages is the availability of guest services to ensure that you are enjoying the convenience of Spanish hospitality during your stay.

Provision is made for dining, laundry and entertainment which you can confirm at the time of your enquiries or booking in respect of the schedule you prefer.

 The tourists who come to Spain from across the globe always have a relishing experience whenever they are on Spanish soil and for you, the thrills of your Camp Nou experience is about to begin.


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