Do You Love Movies? Here Are The Top Movie Hangouts in Miami You Must Know

Top 5 Popular Movie Spots in Miami

Miami is the second most popular tourist destination in America. This hot summer destination welcomes an average of 16 million tourists every year.

As a tourist in Miami, there are so many fun things to do, like seeing a movie, for example. While there are several luxurious movie spots to choose from, we have made a shortlist you would love.

 Here are 5 popular movie spots in Miami that you should visit.

1.      CMX: The VIP Cinema Experience

Located in Brickell, City Centre, Brickel. CMX, one of the 5 popular movie spots in Miami, features two beautiful lounge areas with big TV screens. It’s not mandatory to buy a ticket before you can watch the dolphins or get a drink. The theater interior design has an industrial feel, and the seats are set far apart by design.

The seats recline so better hope the moves isn’t boring, so you don’t sleep off. As for the food, what you’d find are of the handheld variety like burgers, pizza, and so on.

There is also a full bar with great wine choices like the Etude Pinot Noir, Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay, and so on. You can buy tickets from the CMS app or directly at the theater. You should have a treat and enjoy your time here..

2.     Cinepolis

Located at 3015 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove. Cinepolis Movie Theater is a regular movie theater in Miami, and it comes with an on-demand VIP treatment. Inside the theater are oversized seats and swivel trays that are not particularly sturdy.

The seating arrangement is such that you are a bit closer to your neighbor. There’s nothing too fancy about the food served as you still get the regular taco, paninis, pizza, wraps, and so on. As for the drinks, you can only get wine and beer.

On the weekend, tourists can get ticket at the in-theater service before the movie starts. But during weekdays, you can order your ticket from the staff members that bring you food, or at the bar.

3.     Silverspot Cinema

Located just around 300 SE 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street in Downtown Miami. Silverspot cinema features a stadium seating arrangement. Inside the theater are reclining seats. There is also a full bar, café, and dine in.

 You can get regular food like burgers, tacos, and so on. The theater is wheelchair accessible. To top it all, the cinema makes use of digital projections. You can buy your ticket on your mobile devices.

4.    The Landmark

Located at 358 San Lorenzo Ave, Merrick Park. The Landmark Theater is on the 3rd floor in the park. It features nice comfy reclining leather seats.

 The tickets are reasonably priced. Showing at the cinema are new releases as well as foreign, independent Avant-grade flicks. It has a wheelchair accessible entrance. There is a bar, dine, and the food is excellent.

5.     AMC Sunset Place 24

Located at 5701 Sunset Drive. The AMC Theater, one of the 5 popular movie spots in Miami, makes you experience the movie differently. It features luxurious recliners and rocking spacious seats.

At AMC Theater, you get to enjoy premium offerings like Dolby Cinema, IMAX, and Prime at AMC. Their menu is innovative. At AMC Theater, you can get a range of treats that is more than just movies.


Hopefully, on your next Miami visit, you will be find your way to some of these movie spots, catch a good time and exhale!


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