The 5 Most Visited China Towns in London and Across The UK

In every major city in the world, you’d always find Chinatown, and the UK is no exception. Each Chinatown is diverse, and it’s a guarantee you’d find a combination of culture, authentic cuisine and bustling commerce.

There are different places in the UK you can go to experience eastern lifestyle without long-haul flight. Out of the numerous Chinatowns in the UK, here are the 5 best Chinatown you need to know:

1.     Birmingham Chinatown

Located five minutes’ walk from New Street Station, is the Chinatown Birmingham. This Chinatown is adjacent to Bullring and one of the 5 best China towns in the UK. Founded in the 1950s, Birmingham Chinatown is still a small community. It covers three streets, namely Pershore street, Ladywell walk, Hurst street.

The pagoda stone is a prominent landmark erected in 1998. It takes the form of a seven-storey granite pagoda. Apart from this, most of the buildings have Chinese architectural features like Chinese roofing style.

2.   Liverpool Chinatown

The Liverpool China town is home to the oldest ethnic enclave Chinese community in Europe. At the South of City Centre, you’d find this Chinatown. There are also lots of Chinese businesses here, like facilities for the Chinese community, supermarkets, and restaurants.

You can find a lot of Chinese community like the Liverpool Chinese Christians Disciples Church and the Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church. It is also a notable area with Chinese style architecture. Paifang on Nelson street is a largest arch of that kind outside China.

3.   London Chinatown

In the city of Westminster, London is this ethnic enclave Chinatown. This Chinatown share border with Soho to the north and west.

The eastern and southern part of this Chinatown share border with Theatreland. They have no officially defined size. Currently, they are occupying the area in and around Gerrard Street.

There are several successful Chinese-run businesses in this area, like restaurants, souvenirs, bakeries, supermarkets, and so on. Also, the famous films Ping Pong (1987) and Soursweet (1988) were set in this Chinatown. They are also the first few British-Chinese movies to be shot.

4.   Manchester Chinatown

In Manchester, England in the city Centre is another ethnic enclave Chinatown. The Manchester Chinatown is the second largest ChinaTown in the UK and third in Europe. 

It features an archway in Faulkner completed in 1987. Faulkner is one of the most notable landmarks in Manchester’s Chinatown. There are so many Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Singaporean restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, shops and so on.

5.    Newcastle Chinatown

The Newcastle Chinatown is a district of Newcastle upon Tyne. Located at the edge of the commercial and shopping Centre, to the west of the city.

Most parts of the community spread along Stowell Street. It is one of the 5 best China towns in the UK that lies within the historical heart of Newcastle, Grainger Town.

There’s an 11m tall Chinese arch on St. Andrew street. It was built in 2004 by Shanghai craftsmen. Two Chinese guardian lions flank this notable Chinese arch. It also faces the St. James’ football stadium.


The Chinese dominate global commerce in today’s world, and knowing where to reach them could be your open door to great bargains in the UK and beyond.


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