Do You Love Fishing? These Are The Top 5 Fishing Destinations of Scotland

The 5 Best Fishing Destinations of Scotland

There are thousands of freshwater lochs and different rivers suitable for fishing activity in Scotland. However, some are naturally blessed than others in relation to convenience and great natural features.

It is therefore important to know the specific locations where fishing can be enjoyed if part of your plan is to go fishing in Scotland. The question should then be:  where are the best destinations for fishing in Scotland? Therefore, the following are the best destinations for fishing if you decide to do such in Scotland:

1. Loch Lomond

Looking for the best location for fishing? Loch Lomond in West Dunbartonshire can actually be your destination. Loch Lomond is one of the best places for fishing in beautiful areas. Its auspicious view is an attractant for visitors from any part of the world.

It characterizes a cool place for fishing, constant boating rides, and natural features. The landscape provides a great advantage for fishing. It’s a place you will enjoy by the virtue of being surrounded by lovely things including the pearly blue sea.

2. Balmule Fishery

Balmule Fishery is s natural blessing in Fife. As a perfect location, it gives rooms for all levels of fishermen; that is, it welcomes both the experienced and the beginners.

It’s one of the best destinations you can take your family and possibly friends. At Balmule Fishery, different kinds of fish can be collected such as blue and brown trout, and rainbow fish. To double the enjoyment of tourists and funseekers, there are pools for children and adults. Enjoyment at Balmule Fishery is at its peak!

3. Loch Tummel

At Loch Tummel, apart from fishing, nature blessed the surroundings with an auspicious view of greenery and lakes. This is a view that remains in your head for a very time! Loch Tummel in Pitlochry is a perfect location for pike, brown trout fish or perch.

The natural features of the surroundings make fishing an exciting activity. Loch Tummel is a nice recommendation for fishing destinations in Scotland.

4. Craufurdland Fishery

Craufurdland Fishery is one of the best UK destinations for tourists. You can go fishing in here when you come to Scotland for the holidays. Craufurdland Fishery is home to different varieties of fish such as rainbow fish and blue and brown trout. Craufurdland is on the Craufurdland estate not far from Ayrshire.

Fishing is an easy engagement as you can either fish from the banks or on the boat.  It’s a place that supplies everything for tourists’ convenience. There are places where you can get refreshed with a desirable drink after the tour of the day.

5. River Ness

Everyone prefers a good place for the holidays. The river Ness is another stunning location that you will love for fishing. It’s eco-friendly located in the greenery of Inverness. It’s a special place to fish for trout or Salmon.

For your holidays, there are facilities and comfortable shelters that will make your stay an unforgettable one. As a distinct fishing location, the river ness is described as one of the best places for fishing. You don’t want to miss the natural picturesque endowment.


These fishing spots make the experience of anyone visiting Scotland worthwhile. There is no doubt that these attractions have contributed to the glowing tourism rating of the land of the Scots. Surely, for an aquatic life enthusiast, any holiday here will surely serve up memories that could last a lifetime.


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