Discover The Warmth And Allures of Seychelles As You Plan A Tropical Getaway

Exotic Seychelles Travel Packages

The east coast of Africa is home to islands and resorts replete with aesthetic beauty, natural allure, and tourist attractions. While other regions of Africa are not left behind regarding this fact, it is the case that Eastern Africa leads the pack. A good example of this is Seychelles Islands.

The Island of Seychelles

Seychelles is an island located in the Eastern part of Africa, having a large number of beaches, coral reefs, nature reserves and animals considered to be rare; both in terms of domestication and wildlife.

The primary characteristic known to Seychelles and what makes up most of its tourist attraction relates to the sea and waters. Although other African countries do have coastal boundaries and coastal characteristics, Seychelles’ kind of coastal characteristic contains a vast number of different and unique things, including sea animals and sea plants.

Seychelles being an island, it is the case that it is relatively small. This can make for a compact experience where tourists can easily decide to go beyond the place they visited.

Essentially, tourists can easily visit other wonderful parts in the country without necessarily feeling any burden.

Seychelles being an island, it is the case that the country is also most likely isolated, somewhat. This should make it easier to find exotic Seychelles travel packages since most firms providing these packages will most likely choose to specialize in the business.

Exotic Travel Packages

In any case, there exist exotic Seychelles travel packages which aim at ensuring tourists and visitors have a considerably nice time when visiting the company.

While some of these packages are somewhat on the expensive side, there are some others that are considerably affordable and can be enticing However, just in case, if you plan to gun for any exotic Seychelles travel packages, here are some you would love

  1. Bambous River Lodge

Bambous River Lodge in Seychelles offers the package of a flight and three nights in the country. The Lodge is situated close to one of Seychelles’ beautiful rivers and allows for individuals who have lodged close by to enjoying the ocean and scenery of one of Seychelles’ wonders.

With almost an excellent rating from people who have previously lodged there, the place provides for a serene and calm stay, which are all essentials after having a long day of being a tourist or enjoying your vacation. All of it goes for a fee of $1850.

  1. Hotel L’Archipel

Another package that provides for an exotic Seychelles travel experience comes with the Hotel L’Archipel. The hotel is situated around one of Seychelles’ most green and coordinated areas. The calm and serenity here are almost unmatched. Although surrounded by green wonders; those are also surrounded by one of Seychelles’ coastal area.

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The reviews of this resort show it is an excellent place for Seychelles getaway, but it does come at a price; maybe a high price too, depending on your budget. Costing around $3500, this package covers subscribers’ flight costs and lodging for three nights.

  1. Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort and Spa

When speaking of exotic travel experiences, it is of importance that this is also mentioned. Perhaps after a long vacation day, or a tiring time enjoying the scenic views, you might want to return to your apartment and spend the night sipping something, whilst enjoying the coastal view, with a full body massage.

Well then, if this forms part of your thoughts and plans, the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort and Spa is like the best place you can choose.

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With a five-star rating, the resort provides individuals with a feeling of home, while providing some of the best services one can get in Seychelles.

But then, nothing exotic comes without a price. Going for $508 per night, the quote does not cover flight fees and the duration of stay is only for a night unless more nights are booked.


The reality of a Seychelles getaway has fascinated people from all walks of life for generations. The allures and attractions of Seychelles are usually worth the travel for everyone who makes it there. In terms of exotic travel packages, some have been covered above and they will surely be a good introduction to this Island destination.


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