Do You Want To Explore Scotland? Here Are 5 of The Most Loved Beaches By Tourists

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Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom that covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain. It is surrounded by the Atlantic and shares its border with England to the southeast.

Scotland has so many beaches you would want to visit. The sound of waves crashing, and seabirds calling each other are just snips of what Scotland has to offer you. Scotland beaches are of different hues and attraction.

 Here are 5 of the best-rated beaches in Scotland you want to consider paying a visit.

1. St Ninian’s Isle, Shetland

On this northern Shetland archipelago, you are never more than 5 km away from the sea. The most incredible coastal sights of them all are the St Ninian’s Isle. It is a circular 6 km walk on the isle in Europe of pure fine sand tombolos.

This isle allows you to walk through the middle of the ocean on its blissful natural sand causeway. Facts about this beach are the ancient chapel site and the Pictish treasure hoard found on this island.

2. Tolsta Beach, Isle of Lewis

As one of the 5 best-rated beaches in Scotland, Tolsta beach is a long sandy beach that is popular with surfers. In its exposed stretch of coastline are a big swell of forming waves.

There is something supremely refreshing and special about the breeze of Outer Hebrides, making it close to seaside perfection. Lewis main town of Stornoway is not far from Tolsta, a crofting village. This peaceful cove is an ideal stop for a picnic as it is hidden away from the road.

3. Luskentyre Sands and Seilebost Beach, Isle of Harris

In whatever season you find yourself, the seas here are so blue and so clear. You would surely want to jump right into the sea for a paddle because of the beauty of the water.

The picturesque Seilebost beach is right beside a tiny crofting village overlooking the dreamy azure water of Luskentyre sands. Luskentyre sand is one of the largest and an award-winning spectacular beach on Harris. An amazing way to see the beach and other beautiful spots is to cycle the Hebridean Way Cycling Route.

4. East Beach at Lossiemouth, Moray

The harbour at Loosie has two stunning beaches to the west and east over the northeast mainland. To the east is a long stretch of white sand and pretty dunes that makes it a beautiful place.

It is a perfect place for dog walking or relaxation with an amazing view of the harbour town. And if you’d rather go east, then explore the Covesea Lighthouse.

5. Aberdeen Beach

Here is a city beach on our list of the 5 best-rated beaches in Scotland. With its art-deco inspired esplanade, its golden coastline stretches within 3 km. It is one of the best places if you want to see bottlenose dolphins in Scotland.

The adventure continues at a local area Fittie, also known as Footdee. Footdee is a 19th-century former fishing village. Fresh seafood is the favourite local meal here.


Scotland offers great attractions that tourists will find always find delightsome. As you plan your next trip to Scotland, you will do well to look out for the beaches that hold the greatest allure above,


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