The 5 Best Hiking Routes You Must Visit In The UK

What are the 5 best UK hiking routes?

Do you live in the UK or currently in the UK on a visit? Are you in search of some of the best UK hiking routes? Then you have come to the right place. The British landscape is one of the most famous scenes made famous by countless poets, photographers, and artists.

On top of it, every route in the country has a history embedded into it. When you gaze along the stormy coast, the realization that thousands of others have done the same at that same spot is fantastic. Before you go on your next hike, be sure to consult this list of 5 best UK hiking routes. So, without any further delay, let’s look into the details.

1.      West Highland Way, Glasgow

This route is one of the best hiking routes in the world. This trail is Scotland’s first-ever long-distance hiking trail. It takes the beauty of the industrial age as the trail begins with the Glasgow suburbs.

At the end of the trail, you will experience a breath-taking scenery as you stand at the foot of Ben Nevis. There are loads of convenient lodges for your walking holiday. So those who desire a cozy, relaxing, or refueling place to stay after a hard day’s trekking this trial will find one.

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2.     Helvellyn, Lake District court

Another one of the 5 best UK hiking routes is this romanticized trail by Wordsworth in 1816. The Helvellyn trial features stunning scenery that casts a potent spell on you. The landscape will leave you amazed, awed, and indeed well refreshed.

When you hike on this trail, don’t stray too close to Striding Edge. Striding Edge has proven itself to be more than challenging for even the most experienced climbers. Apart from that, the entire trail is memorable, and a place you want to visit.

3.     Tryfan, Snowdonia

Tryfan is famous as that one route in the British mainland because it requires a scramble in its ascent. This trail is a straightforward climb. Impress your social media friends with the impressive view of Snowdonia from the two peaks of Adam and Eve. Only a few have the stomach to venture on the 5-foot leap between Adam and Eve.

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4.    Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

The Lizard Peninsula is a 600-mile stretch of the South West Coast. This trail is not as famous as some of the other routes in this list of 5 best UK hiking routes. This trail made it to the list because of its unbridled beauty.

The 7-mile Lizard trail is home to some of the rarest fauna and flora the country has to offer. For more adventure, head to Mullion Cove or Asparagus island to get a dose of nostalgia from the Famous Five.

5.     Lagan Towpath, County Down

The Lagan Towpath initially designed in the 18th century for transporting bulk goods during the Industrial Revolution. And this hidden gem is one of the best-kept secrets of Emerald Isle.

The trail is a tranquil and scenic trek along 11 miles of meadow, wetland, and woodland following the river Lagan from Belfast, over the historical Shaw’s Bridge and into the Union Locks area.

Whatever you’re in for, be it an outdoor, wilderness, or rugged workout, there’s nothing quite like the British Countryside.


Irrespective of your tourism credentials, these top -of -the -pack hiking routes will give you an experience to treasure when next you are in the UK.


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