It is Summer! Time To Explore The Best of Scottish Outdoors

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In terms of increasingly attractive places, Scotland has a well-deserved recognition. Hence, if you do include some parts of Scotland in your summer destinations, it’s a great choice. Scotland is home to great landscapes and these landscapes become even more breath-taking in the lights of summer.

Additionally, Scotland has a blend of innovation and tradition. Hence, while some places reflect the tradition of Scotland, some places reflect how far they have come. Essentially, it is as though you never run out of sights to see.

In your holiday travels,, here are some the best summer destinations in Scotland:

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1. Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the places in Scotland that shows the country’s blend of tradition and innovation. Therefore, it is rather not surprising that it is majorly popular for this fact, particularly its cultural display.

If you are the kind that loves to relive the Scottish culture, Glasgow is a good bet. It is also has a number of art galleries, museums, and art festivals that reflect this fact. Of course, this is followed by an aesthetically appealing city arrangement. When it comes to best summer destinations in Scotland, Glasgow is worthy of mention.

2. Loch Ness

Perhaps you would check cultural sites later, Loch Ness exposes you to the natural side of Scotland. This destination will be more appealing to folks who would like to spend their summer in nature’s arms. It is one of the beautiful natural sites you should explore in Scotland.

 Enjoying the view of this destination can be done either by walking or by boat. Popular to this site, particularly, is the beautiful lake that runs through it.

3. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is also one of the cultural places that are in Scotland. It is safe to say that Edinburgh and Glasgow pull together the biggest crowd in Scotland. This, of course, is as regards to cultural events.

Most cultural events happen either in Edinburgh or in Glasgow. However, Edinburgh is not just a cultural place by sentiment, it is one by evidence. Also the capital of Scotland, it contains some major part of the country’s history.

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The architecture of the city is also designed in a way that these historical remains are protected. The Edinburgh Castle is a testament. A great place to also visit is the Royal Yacht Britannia, a museum that was formerly the Queen’s personal Yacht. In all, it is on the list of the best summer destinations in Scotland.

4. Stirling

This is located at the central point between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Without a doubt, Stirling is also an interesting destination to visit during summer. The place is home to some interesting landscapes that are indeed breath-taking.

It also contains some part of Scotland’s traditional heritage. An example of such is the Stirling Castle. A tour of the Castle shows how most of the remaining contents are well preserved. This is indeed great for sightseeing. In addition to things for great sightseeing is Bridge of Allan which is a bit outside Stirling. And yet, there is still more to be seen and enjoyed!

5. Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is a bundle of breath-taking scenery. Without a doubt, it is one of the best summer destinations in Scotland.

It contains great waterfalls, beautiful coastlines, mountains that are interestingly rugged, and more. If you plan on feeding your eyes with breath-taking awe, you need to visit the Isle of Skye.


One great feature of summer is the ease of navigation in the waters of the Scottish Isle. So, wherever you might want to go, be at ease, it’s summer, and enjoy the bliss.

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