Do You Love Overseas Summer Adventures? The Gambia Should Be Your Next Port of Call

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Exotic Gambia Travel Packages

The African continent, generally, comes across as a wonderful place to travel and have a vacation. The abundance of tourist attractions and the display of diverse culture makes for an alluring mix of wonders, which can be addictive. In fact, Africa is the textbook example of what diversity means, at least in practical terms. Even so, it is important that some folks should take a trip to the continent sometime, as is necessary to reorient themselves as to the stereotypical view they have of the continent.


However, within the African continent and the tourist allures it provides, there is a country that is somewhat enticing to tourists all around the world, even from the African continent that it belongs, and the country is Gambia.

Gambia is a relatively small country situated in the West of the African continent. Having a narrow coastline, it is bounded by another African country, Senegal. While Gambia may be bounded by a narrow coastline and be unable to boast of a vast range of water resources, the country still boasts of one of the most exquisite sea wildlife in the whole continent.

Gambia has some distinctive sea animals other countries do not have, and this attracts tourists enough. In addition, the country takes care of its beaches well enough for tourists to enjoy the little water resources they have, satisfactorily.

Also, while you may think that the lack of vast sea resources in Gambia may come at some disadvantage, the opposite is the case. Since Gambia is blessed more with land resources, the country goes on to boast of diverse wildlife as relates to land as well, some of which are not even seen in other African countries, except maybe in zoos.

The country boasts of a large number of the Canine family; like Lion, Leopards etc., rare birds and large animals like the hippo and the elephant.
All of these considerations are outside the exquisite beauty the cities of the country also offers to both citizens and tourists. Therefore, it is only normal that there is the flock of tourists to Gambia.

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In the event, you have plans to visit Gambia, as well, and experience some of the great things the country is made of here are some travel packages that you might want to view for your tourist trip.

  1. Flight to Kotu

For a price approximation of $910, you may find a flight to Kotu, as well as accommodation, for around three nights. Kotu is one of the major cities in Gambia which shares boundaries with the sea. Essentially, a flight to Kotu only means that you would be enjoying a lot of beach views, as well as the calm of the waters.

At an additional fee and based on the regulations of the place, you can choose to explore the waters more and enjoy your trip. Hence, if you are the kind paying Gambia a visit, not particularly for the land wildlife, but for the seas and what it offers, you might want to pay Kotu a visit.

  1. Palm Beach Hotel
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This is another great deal, in the event you plan on heading to Gambia. Palm Beach Hotel is a hotel situated somewhere along the coastal boundaries of Gambia, as well. However, they also have their own pools and well-coordinated scenery. For a relatively low fee of $820, you can secure a flight to the hotel for three nights, where you would also be served breakfast for the periods you stay there. This is another opportunity for folks who just want to be in tune with Gambian sea flows.

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  1. Kololi Beach Resort
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Kololi Beach Resort is another popular place for sightseeing and enjoying the Gambian space. It provides a very calm scenery. While it is also close to the beach, it is relatively easier to visit the land spaces with wildlife and enjoy the view altogether. Ranging from $918 – $940, you can secure a booking in the Kololi Beach Resort, plus flight expenses, for three nights alone. However, no feeding is included – not even breakfast.

Regardless, however, the Kololi Beach Resort is an interesting place to visit if you are planning a trip to the Gambia.


Trips to the Gambia do have wide price ranges, from the expensive to the affordable. While some of them might have been stated, you can secure them, and apply for many more here.

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