With Summer In Full Blast, Dare The Serene Outdoors With These Top 5 UK Mountain Climbing Spots

IKeswick Panorama mage by David Iliff. Wikimedia Commons

People often associate the UK to popular attractions like the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and other human-made structure. But there are other attractions in the UK that are also replete with incredible natural wonders.

There are natural parks, rivers and lakes in the UK to enjoy. But if you want an all-inclusive package, then you want to visit the mountains in the UK. Nothing beats that feeling of gazing at the stars from a thousand meters above the ground. In this article, we would be looking at 5 best UK mountain climbing spots.

The Pennies

geograph.org.uk Image by Michael Westley

Formed 300 million years ago, the Pennies mountain is significant in England. It is one of the oldest mountain ranges around. Pennies stretches over 400 km in length from Clevite Hills to Derbyshire in the border of Scotland and England.

In Pennies, there are three national parks; the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, and Northumberland. There are also several water reservoirs featuring lush greenery and rocky crags. For more adventure, you can explore the rivers and caves in the mountain range.


geograph.org.uk Image by Kevin Higgins

Ingleborough is another one of the 5 best UK mountain climbing spots that feature a vast summit plateau. Because of its enormous summit plateau, you can see the breathtaking view of the sunset.

Ingleborough features three districts which offer a pleasant walk from Clapham. There are lots of limestones found on this mountain. Some of the limestone along the slopes forms an exciting pathway.

Tryfan Snowdonia and Llyn Idwal

geograph.org.uk Image by Mark Theasby

It is one of the National Nature Reserve with so many unique plant species and stunning landscapes that mark out UK destinations. Since the Ice Age, the environment of this climbing spot has not changed very much. During a sunny and calm day,

Llyn Idwal resembles a crystal clear mirror. Because of the ice on the mountain, it’s like decoration with the reflection of the cliffs and sky. The Tryfan Snowdonia, on the other hand, creates a striking backdrop.

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Scafell Pike

Image by Alan Reid geograph.org.uk

The Scafell Pike measures 978m above the sea level. Founded in Cumbria, and beside it is the District National Park which is another popular tourist attraction in the UK. It is also a part of the Southern Fells.

According to the National Trust, in 2014, over 100,000 people climb the Scafell Pike from Wasdale Head. The Scafell Pike has three summits; III Crag, Middleboot Knotts, and Broad Crag.

Helvellyn Mountain

Wikimdia Commons. Michael Westley Image

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Lastly on our list of 5 best UK mountain climbing spots is Helvellyn mountain in England, which is the third tallest peak. Helvellyn, which means pale yellow moorland is 950m tall above sea level. It is an exciting destination for seasoned climbers. Helvellyn is also one of the earliest fells to become popular with explorers and walkers who love the best UK destinations.

People started exploring this mountain sometime in the 18th century. A view from the summit on a clear day extends across the Solway Firth and the Lake District.  You can also see the Pennine Hills to the north-east, Cheviot to the north-west, hills of south-west Scotland among others.


The United Kingdom presents several great mountain climbing spots that are a welcome part of the great outdoors. Explore these at your great pleasure.

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