Discover The City of Sheffield in The UK: Much More Than Steel And Football

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Sheffield is the  seventh largest populated city in the United Kingdom with a fairly impressive population of about 518,000 people (approximated 2011 figures). It boasts of the Sheffield Walk Of Fame and the River Sheaf from which the name, Sheffield, is derived.


It earned its nickname ‘Steel City’ as a result of the discovery of steel in it. Prior to this period, Sheffield has played few significant roles in the history of the United Kingdom as a major manufacturer of metal works since the 12th century. Presence of rivers induced development of machinery to aid iron ore processing.

The discovery of steel production by Benjamin Huntsman induced population influx into the city making it famous for its Sheffield Plate. Although, it underwent a little decline in its industrial base; Today, it has emerged as a peaceful, developed cutlery, machinery and food processing metropolis northwest of London.

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Sheffield is governed by the Sheffield City Council, presided over by the Mayor of Sheffield. The city has a fully functional healthcare, educational, child care and social welfare support system. It is also one of the leading UK destinations for global tourists.

Landmarks and Tourist attractions

One of the most noticeable things about Sheffield is its large student population as a result of universities present in the city most notable of which is Sheffield University which ranks among top 100 in the world.

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The city lies in the valley of the river Don and its four tributaries: rivers Sheaf which runs through the city, Loxley, Porter’s Brook and the Riverlin. As much as 60% of the city is covered in green space and some 4 million trees with over 250 parks. The Peak District National Park, Sheffield Walk of Fame, Sheffield City Hall and the Dale Dike reservoir is also located there.


Sheffield has a stable economic base with some 250,000+ jobs with up to 65% engaged in full time jobs and the rest being part time jobs. Being an industrialised city, Jobs vacancies here is perfectly balanced with the city’s population.


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The city is home to the world’s oldest football club, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday. Both teams being proffessional football teams and fierce competitors for the Football League Championship. Both teams are the founder of the popular Premier League which takes place every year.

Amongst other sports and recreational activities engaged in are Rugby with Sheffield Eagles as its professional team, Ice hockey with Sheffield Steelers as its proffessional team and Snooker with the city being the venue if the World Snooker Championships.

Night life

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With a large student population, Sheffield’s night life seems to cater for the needs of diverse temperaments; introverted or extroverted. Bars such as Walkabout and Varsity on West Street stand out among all others.

There are lots to see in Sheffield and gigs are not left out, including famous ones like the Leadmill which is the oldest musical venue in the city, Corporation, O2Academy and the Plug to mention but a few. Eating out is not neglected as you can find ‘scream pubs’ in the city and other inexpensive pubs to eat out.

In conclusion, Sheffield is a great city with a privileged history perhaps not harvested enough by the outside world. Visitors do not tire at being amazed by its richness in industrialisation, education, and most noticeable of all, its eco system.

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