In London,The Old Meets The New In This City That Reinvents Itself

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London is reputed greatly as the seat of power of the old British Empire. It is both the largest and capital city of United Kingdom and Europe which was affirmed by the population census conducted in 2016 which gave the record of more than 8million inhabitants.

London is called different nicknames such as ‘’The City’’ and ‘’The Smoke’’, and It got these names based on the pollution from coal fire.


London was founded by the Romans around 50 AD. Its name is coined from the Celtic word Londinium, meaning that, a place of the bold one. The Romans erected a wall across the Thames, when British were forcefully invaded in 43AD.

An attempt to destroy London surfaced in 61 AD when Queen Boudicca led a war to the city where many houses were burnt. Although, London was rebuilt by the rich people after the rebellion to retain the city’s glow.

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Governance in London is into two phases; the Greater London Authority and he thirty-three (33) smaller authorities. GLA is comprised of two parts. We have Mayor of London, who is embedded with executive powers, and the second part is the London assembly who puts the decision of mayor of London into thorough scrutiny by either rejecting or accepting the budget proposal.

The thirty-three local authorities on the other hand are the collections of the thirty- two (32) London borough council and the City of London Corporation. They are mainly in charge of services not examined by GLA.


The importance of the economy of London cannot be underrated. The stability and advancement of the United Kingdom’s economy wouldn’t have gotten to the point it is today, without the quota that is being contributed from the London’s economy. According to the Office for National Statistics’ Inter-department Business Register, it was gathered that about 14,385 businesses function in the city of London.

 In 2012, city was recorded to have gainfully employed more than 400,000 people. The city of London’s own data recorded that the financial services sector contributed E65billion as tax in the year 2012 to 2013. Although there are existences of other businesses in London, but when it comes to industries, financial sector is the key.

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Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

There are numerous tourist attractions in London, whereby there uniqueness are ever amazing.

One of the tourist places is Buckingham palace. Buckingham palace was built in 1837, a London residence which belongs to a Royal family since Victoria’s accession.

Another awesome place worth exhibiting is the British museum that is comprised of more than 13million artefacts couple with valuable objects from Assyria, china, Babylonia and other places.

Asides from these, we have great places like Big Ben and parliament, National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum. London has taken pride in all these wonderful places.


The diversification of athletics ranging from football to tennis has, many times, brought fame to London among its counterparts. Olympic Games were held in London in 1908, 1948 and of recent in 2012, making it seems as the most selected city in the history of modern Olympic.

Aside from this, The City has developed gainfully in line Football profession with many well-known teams, such as; Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Crystal Palace, West Ham United, Millwall etc.


Nightlife experience in London is often as lit as that of the daytime. The exhibition of various things that make life interesting and worth living appears during this period, such as; comedy night, chilling at bars, attending clubs and pubs.

Places like Mayfair, Soho, Shoreditch, Fitzrovia et cetera are embedded with best restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs and, which of course always fill up with crowd to have a glamorous life. Such a thrill of UK destinations.


It is of utmost importance to wrap it up that, London is the heart of United Kingdom’s economic stability. When it comes to the effective utilization of arts, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, professional services, commerce, research, tourism, transportation et cetera, London has what it takes!

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