Are You A Fan of Exotic Weddings? These Are The Leading UK Wedding Destinations In Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is one of the best cities in Scotland to tie the knots with your partner. With so many luxurious hotels, and intimate venues, and cool event spaces and grand styled halls to choose from, you would be spoilt you for choice.

Apart from maintaining its standing as an age-long civilisation, this city has so many sights and sounds to keep tourists busy.

What To Consider Before You Decide

Edinburgh has several home stay facilities in addition to hotels, dinner venues, and lots of amusement centres. Before you decide on your wedding venue, you should determine how close it is to major mass transit terminus.

If the venue, is remote, you might want to decipher if the means of transportation won’t be too costly. Otherwise, it will be right to let guests know ahead of time to make their own preparations for commuting.

As a tourist, you might want to find out first of all if there is close wedding registry or if the venue has got an officiating wedding minister on call. All these might seem minute, but you do not want to be caught off guard when you are left with a few weeks to look for one.

The weather is also a major consideration when timing your weddings. In the heat of summer, you might be comfortable with the summer rains. However, when it is winter and it is blistering cold, the outdoors might be not a good setting for a wedding. This is when you may decide to make a pick from the indoor weddings around Edinburgh.

The Leading Edinburgh Wedding Venues

Out of the numerous great wedding destinations in Edinburgh that hug the headlines, we bring you the venues to explore.

1.   The Best Western Plus Bruntsfield Hotel

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Coming to this wedding venue, guests will be thrilled at how spick and span it looks.  Cardoon suite was renovated to bring to you this contemporary, fresh venue, the Best Western Plus Bruntsfield Hotel.

This hotel cum wedding venue is perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony in Edinburgh. The hotel’s hall can accommodate up to 100 guests. The team of wedding organisers can also decorate the conservatory for you, which is very spacious space and bright with natural light.

2.   The Glencorse House and Old Kirk

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The Glencorse House and Old Kirk is an exciting wedding venue to explore in this leading UK destination. sited in a location overviewing the Pentlands and at outskirts of Edinburgh. Quite a few wedding ceremonies have been hosted in the Glencorse House and Old Kirk so you can rest your mind as they are quite experienced at what they do.

Be it an elegant but informal wedding ceremony you desire or a romantic but lively, or even an organised but non-stressful wedding ceremony, you can be sure to get it at The Glencorse House and Old Kirk.

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3.   The Malmaison Edinburgh

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Malmaison Edinburgh is one of my best wedding destinations in Edinburgh. This wedding venue beautifully sits by the water of Leith. The Malmaison Edinburgh features a spectacular event space, up to 100 bedrooms where you can book your guests in, a cool bar, a view of the water and much more makes this venue perfect to tie the knots.

At this venue, you will get all the help you need from the experienced team of chef and wedding planners from this venue to work with you.  It is also great to know that at this venue you get to enjoy a cocktail, champagne, breakfast, accommodation and much more.

4.   Norton House Hotel

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Just past the Stone Gatehouse and into the windy tree-lined drive, would make you imagine no other better best wedding destinations in Edinburgh than the Norton House Hotel. This beautiful wedding destination in the Scottish city of Edinburgh features a hotel and a spa.

From the flowers to the photography, down to the carts or cars makes this wedding destination unique and sought after among the leading UK destinations you can find in Scotland. The many main rooms can be used for a civilised wedding so you can ease your mind at the Norton House Hotel for you can get it all in one package there.

5.   Ghillie Dhu

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The Ghillie Dhu is a bit difficult to describe. This is that type of wedding venue that gives you a chill and makes you feel butterfly in your belly. This beautiful wedding destination is just perfect for a romantic wedding.

The Ghillie Dhu is sited in a former historic church. The auditorium of this wedding venue is spectacular and perfect for that romantic wedding you have been watching in movies or dreaming about. Whether you are a fan of iconic sites or just someone fascinated with religious places, you surely have one to indulge here.

Last Words

Irrespective of where you decide to use among these leading destinations, you can be sure you will have a splendid experience that you will be proud of. So, start planning and bookmark this page for the grand details.

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