Are You A Stickler For Serenity? You Will Fall In Love With The Top 5 Private Beaches In London

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The 5 best private beaches of London

For those of us who live in London, sadly we don’t have an array of secluded beaches at our doorstep. So, to enjoy the comfort that the best beaches offer, we might have to make a bit of effort to get to know where to find them.

If you want to see some of the best private beaches in London, we’ve got you covered. There are so many beaches near London waiting for you to watch the waves, sip ice-cold cocktails, and sunbathe for hours.

Determining Where To Go

The lure of the beachfront is such that is almost unrivalled for many beachgoers who will not accept an exclusion from the serenity of the sand and the water world. While it seems like a given to expect that any beach will do, this is not the case. Here are a few pointers to consider:

Child Safety

This cannot be underestimated. Some beaches have swimming props for kids and would have lifeguards on patrol. It is also likely to find beach patrol and beach security. In some places, these are not available. When traveling with kids, you need to be sure of child safety provisions.


You have to consider how accessible the beach is and if you need to travel far to get there. You also need to look at you mode of commuting so that you can be how long you can be there, and when on your back, if you can easily commute back home or to your hotel.


In picking the 5 best private beaches of London, we had to consider security. It is true that most tourist spots have their share of unpleasant happenings that can a torn off. We also know that some of the available beaches are off-limits for shenanigans. You might want to play safe and head to a peaceful arena.


While overcrowding does not necessarily translate to insecurity, it could be a harbinger that does not bode well. So, it is okay to test the waters and be sure that you wont end up in a beachfront where you have no personal space and rowdiness is the order of the day.


You also must pay attention of how clean the beachfront is  before you head to any tourist spot. While some public beaches might be well-cleaned and nurtured, others are altogether filthy and rather unpleasant to behold.

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1.     Three Shells Beach, Essex

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Three shells beach is one of the nearest beaches to most parts of London. Situated in the middle of the South-end of the Sea by the pier. It is a popular spot for friends and family with a sandy beach.

This destination is in the heart of the city, and it is close to amusements, restaurants, cafes, and shops. When driving to this destination, you may want to consider that you will have to pay for parking. Also, there are dog restrictions in this place.

2.    Ramsgate Main Sands, Kent

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Ramsgate is a famous sandy beach adjacent to the picturesque Royal Harbor and marina and surrounded by high chalk cliffs. There are plenty of fish, chips and ice cream options at this destination. It is one of the 5 best private beaches of London for children.

The beach is perfect for families with children, as it features clean and safe bathing water. There are lifeguards patrols and first aid stations at the beach for added safety. There are also sun loungers for hire and deck chairs too. Only 200 cars are allowed in their park, so you may want to go over on time.

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3.    Frensham Great Pond, Farnham

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Frensham Pond is a private beach destination in rural Surrey. It is hidden away in the most profound depth of Surrey.

This destination beach resembles a seaside resort, and it is miles away from the coast. People love to lie on the sand on a hot summer day for sunbathing. Swimming in its calm waters is also common among its explorers.

4.    Clacton-on-sea, Essex

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Clacton Pier, built-in 1877 is a famous structure in this destination. Of the 5 best private beaches of London, Clacton-on-sea is one of the best for families. This spot has its high ratings for a place on the must- go places on the UK destinations list.

It is a very sandy beach. Generally, it is one of the safest for children with lots of lifeguard patrol and first aid cover. It also features lots of traditional seaside entertainment.

5.    Camber Sands, East Sussex

Camber Sands is one of the 5 best private beaches of London with miles of sandy beaches. Its resort is popular with day-trippers from London. It is also close to the stunning town of Rye.

The Camber Sands is popular with windsurfers, paddlers, kite surfers and an impressive dune. If you have a dog pet, and you’re bringing him/her to this beach, know that there are restrictions. It’s a destination that is very busy during the Summer months.


These picks of the pack for London beach spots will make you glad anytime you are in London. Enjoy the sands as well as the sights and sound.

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