Do You Want To Explore Scotland? These Are The Biggest Top 5 Attractions Rated By Tourists

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The 5 Biggest Glasgow Attractions

Glasgow can descriptively be viewed as Scotland’s cultural center. It is a stunning location known for awesome museums, concert venues, art galleries, and festivals.

One of the top allures in Glasgow is music. Glasgow is also referred to as Scotland’s music capital. In Glasgow, you will see venues such as the Concert Hall; here, Royal Scottish Orchestra is enjoyed; and the Theatre of Royal where you can enjoy Scottish Opera.

The remarkable cultural events that draw tourists from around the world are the Gourock Highlands Games and the Celtic Connections Music Festival.

Key Pointers To Know

Historical Attractions

Glasgow as an ancient civilization has enough sights and scenes you should behold. Whether it is purely scholarly or inquisitive, you will find enough to grasp in this city of the Scots.

Entertainment Scenes

There are several places of entertainment that you will find in Glasgow that are also worth exploring. You will be able to bounce from one spot to the other if you wish to have a long night.

Sporting Centers

The leading UK destinations that you can find in Glasgow also includes sporting clubs and their traditional grounds. Do not forget that Glasgow Rangers reigns in this city. If you choose to watch a live event, there are enough options to choose from when you land in Glasgow.

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The 5 leading Attractions

There are lots of attractions in Glasgow which include buildings, museums, and so on. The following are considered as the biggest attractions in Glasgow:

  1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
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Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum has been one of the attractions in Glasgow after it was opened in 1901. The Museum contains an outstanding collection of British and continental paintings such as Salvador Dali’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross and Van Gogh’s portrait of Alexander Reid (the Glaswegian collector).

It’s a place where you can see 15th and 17th centuries objects such as swords, helmets, crossbow, and weapons. Visitors also have the opportunity to see other awesome things such as Glasgow-made jewelry, Flemish tapestries, pottery, and glassware. Just in case you desire to embrace relics of the past, you will sure have enough to explore here.

  1. The University of Glasgow: The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
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This is a spectacular place-to-be on the list of leading UK destinations for tourists that attracts any visitor. It is Scotland’s second-oldest school of higher education founded in 1451.

 It is an institution that has over the years held outstanding achievements with smart teachers that have made various academic exploits. Some of these notable geniuses are Adam Smith (the father of antiseptic surgery), William Hunter James Watt and Joseph Lister.

The University has a visitor Center where is an exhibition of vital discoveries by these great scientists and others. The Hunterian Museum contains different collections from William Hunter and others including collections from various departments in the institutions such as geology, zoology, ethnography, and archaeology.

At the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, visitors can see various artworks made by Reynolds, Rubens, and Rembrandt.

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  1. George Square and the Merchant District
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George Square and the Merchant District are awesome locations in Glasgow. George Square has perfect placement. It’s a place where you see the 12 statutes of well-known people in the city, people such as Queen Victoria, Robbie Burns, and Walter Scott.

You will get to see the Town Hall and its tower with a height of 230 feet the east end of the square. The Merchant District is an amazing place to be especially in winter. There are great restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. It is a very attractive place to be!

  1. Riverside Museum and Tall Ship
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This is one of the best places for those that are lovers of Museums. It’s a very big museum with many rooms where there are different and numerous collections of artworks, weaponry, armor, and sculptures Anyone who desires to have a snapshot of history will do well to visit this Top UK destination in Glasgow.

There are lots of amazing things at this museum that have over the years attracted visitors from different parts of the world. The practice yard holds great allure to kids so that you can be sure that your family will have a swell time here.

  1. Glasgow Green and the People’s Palace
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Glasgow is seen to be the oldest park in the city. It was built in 1662. The People’s Palace has a museum which is one of its attractions. This museum holds the history of Glasgow from the 17th to the 20th century. From social activist -Mary Barbour’s statue to modern history archetypes, this tourist haven has much in store in store.

The museum also has some historic collections. Other attractions are the Nelson Monument, the Winter Garden, and the adorable Dolton Fountain.


Glasgow maintains a pride of place as a leading UK destination for tourists. From entertainment to grasping history, you will find many attractions to get busy with when next you arrive here.



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