Discover The City Of Leicester Beyond Its Legendary Football Club

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Leicester is a city located in the East Midlands of England in the country of Leicestershire. The city is situated on the River Soar and near the eastern end of the National forest. It has an estimated population of 348,300 (according to 2016 estimate). It is ranked the 11th most populous city in England, also the 13th most populous city in the United kingdom.

If you a tourist looking for new places to explore, you will surely find this city to be more than a handful. For others looking for likely destinations to resettle in, it is good you are here to find out the 5 vital points that make Leicester a prime city among the best UK destinations.

Vital Point 1: History

Among the oldest cities in England, Leicester holds a pride of place. It was majorly occupied by Romans. After the Norman conquest, William’s Domesday Book recorded Leicester as Ledecestre. Then, it was called a city but it lost this title after the power tussle between the church and the aristocracy in the 11th century. It wasn’t classified as a legal city until 1919 when it recovered its title.

The city had its first Mayor in 1231 the person of Simon de Montfort. In 1645, King Charles I of England and prince Rupert attacked Leicester to draw the new model army of the royalist headquarters of Oxford. Being a parliamentarian, Leicester was recovered by the Parliament on the 18th of June, 1645 after the battle of Naseby. In 1889, the city became a country borough and expanded throughout the 19th century.

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Vital Point 2: Government

Leicester operates a unitary authority system and it has a council. On the 5th of may, 2011 the first direct city/civic Mayor of Leicester was elected- Peter Soulsby. The council comprises of 54 councillors elected every four years representing 21 wards. The city is presided by a Lord Mayor who is also elected every four years by the councillors. And factually, it is regarded as the birthplace of today’s English.

Vital Point 3: Economy

In East Midlands, Leicester is recorded to have the largest economy. Historically, the city was connected to the production of textiles, clothing and shoes. The city also serves as a home for many engineering companies such as Jones & Shipman, Richards engineering and so on. Primarily, the country also has two primary shopping malls which are the High cross Leicester and the Hay market shopping centre.

Furthermore, the St Martin’s square and the Leicester lanes is blessed with many designer and specialist shops. It is ranked the largest outdoor covered market in Europe with a wide range of goods.

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Vital Point 4: Landmark and Tourist Attractions

There are numerous tourist attractions in Leicester but the city’s national space centre is one of the largest and most popular place that attracts tourists in Leicester. The great central railway in Leicester is also an awesome sight for visitors.

Tourists that derive pleasure in outdoor and recreational activities also often visit the Leicester outdoor pursuits centre in Loughborough road. Also, the sweeping curve in the city is enriched with outrageous contemporary architecture. Leicester also craved a name for itself with its King power stadium/picnic at Bradgate park.

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Vital Point 5: Sport

Leicester city is enriched with games like: football, rugby, basketball and cricket. The city houses the following football clubs: Leicester city, Rugby club and Leicester tigers. The Leicester city F.C is a professional football club that plays In the premier league and is based at the king power stadium. The club has a reputation rightly conferred when it won the English Premier League in 2016.

The oldest basketball team in the country is the Leicester riders. Due to efficiency, the Leicestershire country cricket club barged the country’s championship in 1996 and 1998 while the Leicester city F.C won the premier league title in 2016.

It is also important to point out that Leecester has got a bustling nightlife

Surprisingly, Leicester is placed as the 10th biggest city in the UK, East Midlands that has an awesome cultural and “things to do” scene. The city is blessed with a lot to leap for joy. The bars, clubs and pubs in Leicester are always mouthwatering at night. Want a cocktail hangout? Late night dive bar or intriguing outdoors? Or think of anything… You’ll always find the amiable in Leicester.


Leicester is a bustling city in its own right. It is fortified with all goodness you can imagine in business, sport, culture, diverse activities including social life. The city provides the best for its citizens with good infrastructure, social amenities, and an acceptable standard of living.

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