The 5 Biggest UK Hunting Grounds To Explore

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Now that you need to decide on your next hunting spree, you should consider the biggest hunting grounds in the UK. The driving force for the UK is that you will find here some of the most expansive avenues to hunt, not forgetting the wealth of Scotland in this regard.

There are lots of driven hunts like pheasant and grouse hunting, as well as hunts with dogs. Also, in the Scottish Highlands, stalking red deer is one of the world’s most classic hunts.

How to prepare for hunting

Hunting requires the mix of ammunition, preparation and licenses. Unlike heading into the wilds with no restrictions, hunting is pretty much regulated these days.

Do I need a license?

Before heading into a town or hunting destination, makes sure that you have the license required, where applicable. You could end up paying huge fines or end up behind bars for hunting infractions. To avoid this, ask, and clarify about what you need to hunt in any of your UK destinations.

Is my ammo allowed?

The rush of eco-protection and wildlife regulations in recent years also means that there are limitations to the type of hunting ammo you can use. If you are hunting with your buddies, ask them about this to be on the safe side.

Lone Hunter?

If you are hunting alone, it could be perilous if you are in unfamiliar territory. As a result of this, you need to ensure that you do not head out into vast lands that you know little about. As an added measure, before you set out, get your navigation aids with you. Learn to use the compass or get a satellite phone that can work where there are no signals.

If you do not have safeguards, it is better not to be lone hunter, Look out for hunting buddies and be safe.

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The leading 5 UK Destinations For Hunting

There are benefits of hutting in the UK. So, without further ado, here are the 5 biggest hunting grounds in the UK.

1.     Dorchester

Dorchester, one of the 5 biggest hunting grounds in the UK, is a destination with a better chance of shooting down some Sika stag. Dorchester, located in Southern England, is a good population for large Sika stags.

Many hunters come to this exhilarating hunting destination in Southern England for some action-packed experience.

There are between 12-15 medal-class stags shot at this destination annually. When it comes to professionally organized hunting, you can trust that you’re on the right path if you’re planning to go to Dorchester.

2.    Oxford

Oxfordshire, the most populated region with wood pigeons. There are lots of classic English farming area with large open fields which are often separated by small woods and hedgerows. Putting all these together form a perfect habitat for the pigeons and a great place to hunt next.

Depending on the time of the year you decide to hunt here, you might be opportune to shoot over crops like beans, peas, spring barley, and the likes.

3.    Raby

If you want to have the pleasure of being able to shoot pigeon on one of the largest estates in England, then Raby is just the place for you. Raby is an ideal habitat for wood pigeons. It is only an hour’s drive from Newcastle, and the estate covers 30,000 ha.

The only downside about hunting in Raby is their factors such as the ability of the guns, wind, weather, the development of seasons craps can affect your hunting results.

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4.    Devon

When you consider going to Devon for hunting, you can expect to have an excellent hunt for big roebuck. The bucks make a great eating experience that many hunters look forward to nicking the prize.

Devon provides a unique habitat for this species. Very close to the town of Honiton, in the beautiful county of Devon, which is like 3-4 hours drive away from London, there are some magnificent roebuck hunting grounds on a district that totals a land area of about 12,000 ha.

5.    Scotland

Some of the most popular game species you can find in Scotland includes hare, grouse, partridge, woodcock, geese, pheasant, sika deer, fallow deer roebuck, and red stag.

When you’re considering hunting in Scotland, you can also expect to get the best fly-fishing experience in the world. The challenge of hunting in Scottish hills comes down to staying out of sight, reading the wind stalk within reach in the open landscape, and avoid being visible and missing out on the big prize.


Always remember that the allures of the wild can inviting, but adequate preparation also suffices for safety. No matter where you choose to hunt among these listed destinations, you can be sure that journey will be worth the experience. Bon Voyage!

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