Discover The 5 most Awe-Inspiring Mountain Range of Scotland

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When you’re standing atop a mountain although you have a feeling of vertigo, the view is a medicine to your soul and mind. A view from a mountain top also changes your perception of things and invites a flurry of emotions.

So, whether you’re a walker, hiker, mountain climber, or anything in between, and you’re in love with the sky, then you need this. Check out the 5 most awe-inspiring mountain range of Scotland you can consider visiting.

First Things

To go on an adventure is an invitation to all things adrenalin and whatever comes close. However, it is also wise to look out for things to consider before the journey. Here is a quick guide.

*Are you healthy ?

Humans display their frailty at different times. Before you set out to see the mountaintop, you better be sure that your endurance test is all good. As you move to a higher altitude, the oxygen levels deplete and not quite a few had had problems at that height. So, be sure you are in top shape.

  • Consider a team

The days of lone rangers might be all gone as far as today’s world is concerned. It is recommended that you look out for a group that is going atop the mountain as you plan to go to the summit. A team is helpful and if you run into difficulties, you can be sure of ready help.

  • Use a tour guide

Do not discount using a tour guide when going atop the mountain. With a guide, you can be sure that you will have more tips on how to climb safely and enjoy the ascent, which mostly proves more difficult to many climbers.

  • Get the props

There are props to help you stay safe, and tools that can help you navigate your way. A compass, a satellite phone, good climbing shoes, ropes, and medical supplies come into the picture here. All these are important to pack as you plan your adventure.

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The Top Mountain Range

1.Buachaille Etive Mor

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Buachaille Etive Mor which also means the herdsman of Etive is an awe-inspiring mountain range of Scotland. Climbers generally know this place as The Buachaille. When travelling on A82 road towards Glen Coe, you can see the pyramidal form of the mountain. It raises to about 1,021m above sea level. It also takes the form of a ridge that is about 5 miles long.

The River Etive almost encircles this ridge. Also, this ridge contains four tops. These tops are Stob Dearg (1021.4m), Stob na Broige (956m), Stob Coire Altruism (941m), and Stob na Doire (1011m).

2. Cairn Gorm

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Cairn Gorm can also be interpreted as Blue or Green hill. It is one of the 5 most awe-inspiring mountain ranges of Scotland. It measures up to 1245m above sea level. It is also the sixth tallest mountain in the United Kingdom with huge tourist following.

Of the Cairngorm mountains, Cairn Gorm is the most prominent when you view it from Aviemore. Take note that Cairn Gorm is not the tallest in this region. The best place to ascent Cairn Gorm is through the Northern slopes as it is technically straightforward.

3. Suilven

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Suilven is one of the best picturesque mountains in Scotland that lies West of Sutherland in a remote area. Suilven raises from the wilderness landscape of lochans, bogs, and moorland called the Inverpolly National Nature Reserve.

Suilven also forms a steep ridge at its side that is about 2 km long. The highest point of Suilven is the Caisteal Liath which lies at the northwest end of the ridge. It is a major pull-spot for global tourists who look for adventurous UK destinations.

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4. Ben Lomond

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Ben Lomond is a 974m high mountain in the Scottish highlands. Located on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond. Ben Lomond is the most southerly of the Munros. It is easily accessible from Glasgow and central Scotland. It is also relatively easy to ascent it from Rowardennan.

Generally, Ben Lomond is one of the 5 most awe-inspiring mountain ranges of Scotland you should visit.

5. Ben Macdui

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Of the 5 most awe-inspiring mountain range of Scotland, Ben Macdui is the second tallest mountain in the United Kingdom. On the southern edge of Cairn Gorm lies Ben Macdui on the boundary between Moray and Aberdeenshire.

The easiest route of access to Ben Macdui is from the Coire Cas car park to the summit of Ben Macdui. This path slowly leads up from the foot of Cairngorm Ski Centre over rising moorland. The route is about 7km long. An alternative way to follow to the summit is from Loch Etchachan.


It is always a pleasure to discover more adventure spots in your journeys through life. In Scotland, these mountain rage here will surely give you enough to enjoy  and discover for yourself.

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