These Are The 5 Most Visited Landmarks In California That You Must Know

There are different magnificent places around the world that could be considered as blessings to humanity. Nature, however, blesses one area more than the other with different distinctive natural features. One of these places that are significantly favored by nature is California.

California is described as one of the largest states in the US with distinguished places of which the hottest part in the United States of America is an inclusion. California is probably the most sought-after USA destination among the fifty states in America.

California is home to some of the tallest trees and mountains and other astonishing sites. For many years, this sunshine state has been the favorite of many visitors.

The following are the most visited landmarks in California:

Golden Gate Bridge

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Golden Gate Bridge was opened in 1937. It was in the past described as the longest of its kind in the world. Golden Gate bridge has a bright red color. It has over the years attracted visitors.

It is debatably considered as San Francisco’s most popular landmark. It has excellent photogenic backgrounds that you will love. The Fort Point National Historic Site and Baker Beach serenades the beach and you can also plan to enjoy the stretch of ocean view.

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Disneyland, the second most famous amusement park globally is located in Anaheim. It was opened in 1955. It is a great amusement park with different means by which visitors can get entertained- such as games, shows, rides, etc. It is a genuinely nice place for a family to spend holidays and Christmas; there are provisions for both children and adults.

Disneyland apart from being a wonderful amusement park, has dining, hotels. You can as well shop at the Downtown Disney District. Disney Adventure Park is also a park next to Disneyland where you may decide to proceed with the excitement. The family can take a whirlwind vacation here and enjoy a great time.

 Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite National Park is one of the most visited landmarks in California. Tourists, athletes, and artists found it as an amazing spot containing mountains, rivers, valleys, and waterfalls.

The attractions that has given it a global reckoning include the granite walls and the distinctive waterfalls. It has stunning views that can be realized through the use of hiking trails to the peaks of the mountains. The sight is one that draws people towards Yosemite National Park.

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Lake Tahoe

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Lake Tahoe is a perfect destination for holidays or vacation. It has one of the best colors in the world “blue”. In summer, it witnesses massive visitors such as campers, boaters, beachgoers, and those that appreciate natural things.

Hiking trails are available by the lake. This distinctive USA destination is the home of popular ski resorts. It’s a honeypot for Skiers from different parts of the US come to do what they love.

  Universal Studios Hollywood

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This is one of the most visited and well-known landmarks in California. It is an amusement park and as well a movie studio. If you need a recommendation on the best place for you and your family, this would rather be the right place.

Here, you will have different experiences of popular movies. Universal Studio Hollywood is a place where you will find shows, dinning and an excellent cinematic experience.


Taking time out to know what is in the offing across California is worthwhile for the avid tourist. As you plan your vacation for the New year, you can as well include this state as a must -visit on your itinerary.

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