The Best Wedding Destinations in Los Angeles You Must Know

Los Angeles is popularly known as the city of angels. What better place to have a wedding than in the city of angels? With literally hundreds of places to choose from, you can be sure always to find your perfect wedding venue in taste and quality here.

Los Angeles is awash with choice spots ranging from urban areas, to the mountains, to the beach, to the park, and even rustic drive-downs.

Just before you say hurrah, it might be wise you tick the boxes for the checklist that could decide what your final pick will be. You should consider:


‘Money talks, bullshit walks’ is a common refrain, and it also applies here. What exactly is your budget? What can you afford? You need to have a budget, then narrow down your choice of venue to the price that you can foot.  The good news is that there are lots of venues that meets the mark for which you have no need to break the bank to afford them.


This is easy to overlook but consequential. Except you are flying everyone in or using a neighbourhood venue, you really might need to consider where your guests are majorly coming from and how accessible the venue might be.

3. Family and Beliefs

It is the 21 st century, yea. However, we have some family members that could roil up a storm over the wedding venue you decide to use. While this might be a fringe issue for many, it is also worth looking at. Imagine using a strip club for your wedding when have ascetics coming for the event? Pay attention to the above, and you will be ready to make a worthy pick.

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The Picks You Are Waiting For

To make it easy for everyone to pick just the best of the best wedding venues easily, check out the list below to find the right event center to use in LA, an iconic USA destination.

1.   Sunset Restaurant

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First on our list of the best wedding destinations in Los Angeles is the Sunset restaurant. The sunset restaurant is located in 6800 Westward Beach Road, Malibu CA. The sunset restaurant has a beach bungalow style. Tucked just against the great Malibu bluff and steps away from the fabulous Zuma beach.

The sunset restaurant features an outdoor patio, an event room, catering services and much more. The event rooms are classy and well decorated. In the restaurant, you can find a white lining the ceiling which gives the space a soft wavy feel. The viewing windows give you a chance to view the ocean.

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2.   Ebell of Los Angeles

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Ebell of Los Angeles is located in 4400 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. The Ebell Greco-Roman revival style says it all about this beautiful venue. The Ebell building itself is built in the 1920s, and it housed the prestigious women’s club.

The Ebell of Los Angeles features a picturesque arcade, trees, flowering shrubs, a courtyard garden, a fountain, an art salon and the list goes on and on. The wedding reception can be held in the dining room.

The dining room features an arch supporting the ceiling with series of carved columns. The best part about this location is the ample parking, while a wedding ceremony can be held till midnight which is rare in Los Angeles.

3.   Calamigos Ranch

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The Calamigos ranch is located in 327 South Latigo Canyon, Malibu CA. For a rustic wedding venue, choose the Calamigos ranch. At the Calamigos ranch, you get a mix of a down-home, pastoral, and upscale feel.

It features a Barn with sawdust on the floor, the bale of haystack and much more gives you that feel of western style wedding celebration. The Calamigos ranch also features up to four different outdoor wedding venues. Accommodation at the ranch includes a private cottage, a 1 or 2 bedroom bungalow, signature suites, and an estate room.

4.   Taglyan Cultural Complex

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Last on the list of best wedding destinations in Los Angeles is the Taglyan Cultural Complex. The Taglyan Cultural Complex is located in 1201 Vine Street, Los Angeles CA. This beautiful complex is sited at the intersection of the world famous Hollywood and The Vine. With an old world opulence style, makes this venue perfect for a wedding ceremony.

The Taglyan Cultural Complex main ballroom is a pièce de résistance. In the main hall are the green marble pillars and a humongous crystal chandelier. There is also the mouth dropping 5000 square foot circular stainless glass ceiling. There is also the outside catering that allows the Indian and Kosher wedding. In all the Taglyan Cultural Complex is excellent for a Los Angeles wedding.


Irrespective of the venue you pick among the lot, you can be sure that you will have the quality you expected. Weddings are memorable, and you can have sweet memories for keeps with the best USA wedding venues in Los Angeles.

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