The 5 Most Visited Landmarks in London

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It’s no wonder that London is the top tourist destination in the world. London attracts over 15 million tourists each year. London, Britain’s capital city, is an entertainment center with vibrant nightlife and great outdoors. London also offers the highest concentration of cultural attractions too. You’d surely be basked with London’s royal palaces, museums, people’s parliament, and churches.

Where to visit in London

As you lay out your plan to visit London, you need to be sure to have ticked the boxes when it comes to what you want to see and how you have planned your trip. Also, the following tips would help:

Are you visiting with minors?

If you are traveling with minors, you might have to review where you are headed for kids-friendly spots. You surely cannot head to strip clubs with your minors when visiting London, You might also want to rule out heading up to the mountains, and instead, settle for the beach.

Do you have special needs?

Many people head up to amusement centers and pick out what they can do. There is no doubt that seeing the array of exciting activities can be interesting. However, you might want to skip the London Eye if you are easily triggered and settle for a walk in the museum instead.

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Leading Landmarks To See in London

You can be sure to enjoy the best of London with the top picks below on the most visited landmarks in the city.

Here are the 5 most visited landmarks in London.

1.     Buckingham Palace

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One of the most iconic buildings in London is Buckingham Palace. Built-in 1837, Buckingham Palace has been the residence for the royal family since the time of Queen Victoria’s accession.

The building isn’t the only attraction at Buckingham palace, as the changing of the guards also attracts tourists. This free and colorful display of music and precision marching draws crowds at 11:30 AM every season. This marching also takes place at St. James’s Palace, where the band marches between sites through the Mall.

2.    The Tower of London

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At the Tower of London, there are lots of sightseeing to feed on moving from palace to prison, private zoo to treasure vault, and so on. In summary, the Tower of London has served several purposes in time past.

A lot of the country’s rich history happened here like the 17th Century Line of Kings, the famous Crown Jewels exhibition, and so on. Also, towards the adjacent tower bridge are two massive towers that rise 200 feet above the River Thames.

3.    The British Museum

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The British Museum is a recommended UK destination to visit if you want to see the world’s most exquisite collection of antiquities on display. There are over 13 million artifacts on display in this museum, including objects from Europe, China, Babylonia, Assyria, and elsewhere.

One of the most famous exhibits that tourists love to see first is the controversial Parthenon’s Elgin Marbles. Other exhibits in this museum worth your time to check out includes the Mildenhall Treasure, the colossal bust of Ramesses II, Egyptian mummies, and the Rosetta Stone.

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4.    Big Ben and Parliament

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Another one of the 5 most visited landmarks in London is Big Ben and Parliament that emphatically says London with its 318-foot towers. It houses the giant clock with its resounding been called the Big Ben.

Big Ben is known worldwide as the time signal of the BBC radio. Below the Big Ben, stretching along the Thames, are the seat of Britain’s government, the Houses of Parliament for many centuries. This landmark was once the royal Westminster Palace, where William the Conqueror resided. A tour to the parliament building will give you a chance to see political discussion debated in real-time.

5.    National Gallery

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London’s National Gallery ranks among the top art museum in the world, with European painting from 1260 up to 1920.

This gallery is popular for its collections of Italian Schools and Dutch Masters of the 15th and 16th centuries. Among these collections are drawings by Leonardo da Vinci of the Madonna and Child, Michelangelo’s The Entombment, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars and Monet The Water-Lily Pond.


The attractions of London are numerous, a testament to the centuries of dominance that the British Empire once enjoyed over the rest of the globe. Many tourists will find the splendour of the city, a beauty to behold and celebrate.

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