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The Top Ten UK Destinations

For many people, the UK is London, and London is the UK. However, there is more to the UK than just London. Here is a trip around UK with the ten leading destinations unveiled.

1. London

The Iconic London Eye at the Image

 London is one of the busiest tourist attractions in the world. The city has some of the best museums in the world such as the Victoria and Albert museum and the National History museum. London boasts a theatre palace called Theatreland, where movies and performances are staged.

Meanwhile, the historic Thames River is another historic place to behold at the heart of the city, which has not just drawn the presence of the foreigners but also important figures throughout the whole world.

Also, the city capital has made historic remarks in the sporting world with the Wembley Stadium (for football), Twickenham (for rugby), Wimbledon (for Tennis) and Lords (for cricket). In summary, London is one of the most important cities in the world.

2. Windsor

Aerial view of Windsor Castle-CNN Image

The relevance of Windsor in the world can never be extirpated as the city has the world’s largest inhabited castle known as the Windsor Castle. Windsor castle is the most famous castle in the United Kingdom today and has notably served as the summer residence for more than 1000 years for the British royalty.

 The historic town is one of the regions of the Great Britain with a yearly increase of tourists. In the center of the ancient city lies Eton college; a citadel that has produced several Royal figures like Princes Harry and Willian, a good number of the country’s past Prime Ministers and the famous scholar, Perey Shelley.

3. Edinburgh 

Tripadvisor Image of The Three Forth Bridge

Edinburgh is a very attractive city, and one if the most visited in the United Kingdom. The city is blessed with many attractive historic buildings, and the most notable attraction of them all is the Edinburgh Castle.

The fine architectural design of the city has made her become one of the most visited cities in the UK. The famous Princess street is but another feature adding to the commercial elegance of Edinburgh.

Other attractions are the National gallery of Scotland, Royal Palace, the Royal botanic garden, Scottish National War Memorial and the stone of destiny. Also, the cultural predominance of Edinburgh has switched the city to be the world’s leading Festival city, having a dozen of major annual festivals like the Edinburgh international Film Festival, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and others across the length and breadth of the city.

The festivals are visited by over 25,000 artistes staging over 1000 shows every day of the festivals.  These cultural displays however invite many foreign visitors to the heart of the city, every year.

4. Canterbury

 The beautiful city of Canterbury one famous attraction; the Canterbury Cathedral, which has lured a lot of pilgrimage for more than 1500 years now from different parts of the world. The Cathedral is now a world Heritage site for UNESCO with a lot of beautiful interior and exterior highlights.

Canterbury Cathedral Image

5. Liverpool

Anfield Soccer Stadium-LiverpoolFC Image

There is diverse cultural amusement in the city of Liverpool.  The ancient city is well-respected in the soccer world with two famous teams produced by the city; Everton and Liverpool football clubs. Liverpool has moved past every shore of doubts, the city is one of the greatest in the UK.

Two stunning cathedrals are in Liverpool and one fact is that the road that joins the two cathedrals is referred to as Hope Street. Liverpool is famous for producing people with great writing and acting talents and has lots of amusing theater parks to promote the art culture. They include: Liverpool Empire, Unity theatre, Everyman and Playhouse.

6. Glasgow

Glasgow City Office by IAS

 Glasgow is a great place of fun and entertainment.  Every corner of the city is always filled with bright colors of culture, buzzing streets of music, fashion and night hub.

The city is the home to many famous musicians, some of which are Travis and Franz Ferdinand who built their music career right from Glasgow.

 Also blessed with wonderful cultural settings like the Sharmanka Kinetic Theater and Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow is truly a city of no reference frame.

7. Belfast

Metropolitan Art Center By

 The European city of Belfast is a hub of tourism from a very long time in the he past. The city is known for Music Festival and other cultural display its content.  Belfast shares a rich history in building ships in Europe. The famous Titanic building which is an historic artifact in Belfast, was built in 1912.

The tourism attraction has succeeded in inviting the footprints of notable visitors from all the parts of the world and has also let live of memories of lives lost in a ship sink, hundreds of years ago. Although,  BBC America has explained painstakingly that there are several other reasons why the city has been a great deal in the world of art and culture.

8. Salisbury

Salisbury at full Bloom by

 Salisbury is a beautiful city in the UK with a medieval cathedral, The Salisbury museum and parks that have all carved out a niche for the city in the widespread of culture, Art and nature. Saliyalso has The Heritage site of Stonehenge; a tourism building that has made a lot of people marvel at nature.

9. Bath Image

 Regardless of the small capacity of the city, Bath has a beautiful appearance and greatness piled in it. It has been inviting visitors from all around the world to what we know as the city’s healing water.

The water springs from three different hot springs and it is said to contain over 40 minerals that have been working wonders to heal a variety of diseases for more than 2000 years now. Interestingly, the water spikes up to 3000 meters.

10. Blackpool

Beach-front Image by Daily Express

 Blackpool is blessed with a seaside resort that has long served as a tourism destination for young and old tourists. The Blackpool tower is another sight-seeing tourist center that has made a deluge of tourists pump into the country.

At the center of Blackpool, there happens a yearly world-famous illumination which is a free lightning show, and the greatest of all the free lightning shows in the world. The lightning has invited a lot of tourists into Blackpool.

United Kingdom is rich in history, iconic places and outstanding colonial grandeur. It pulls millions of tourists from around the world yearly. It beckons to you.

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