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Angular View of the American Seat of Power

  The United States of America has been a home to quite a large number of different races,  genders, languages and tribes who have found a lot of benefits in the country. 

The social and economic growth of the country has also served as a platform for investors from different regions of the world to tap into the current of the country.

However,  the benefits in visiting the US is not because of the rise in her economic shoots, she has also bridged a lot of lapses in the deficiency of technology met by other countries of the world. In the books of history, the country has the best record so far in academic excellence.

In leadership and good governance, she has served as a role model to most western countries,  producing great world leaders like Abraham Lincoln. The United States of America has gone fast ahead relegation in the areas of research and learning as she has provided ways too enormous

opportunities for far and neighboring countries to set their academic prowess on high standards. In tourism,  US has a toll high number of executive and attractive tourist centers which has always made her the talk of the town in the world today.

The country is advanced in her level of sophisticated weapon production,  that has seen to her rise in the technology market, sitting right next to Japan in the technology map. In the US,  however,  different locations of the corners of the country has a lot of benefits to offer visitors and tourists.

1. California

Visit California Image

The state of California has the highest number of universities in the country,  with a figure of 14 universities and a number of 400 institutions in total,  and no other state has equaled the record yet in the history of the country.

This has not just added to the prime glory of the state but also attracted foreigners from all walks of life to benefit from her academic avalanche. The state has, over the years, attracted students in research and learning from neighboring countries to set their academic prowess on high standards the more as the state is conducive for effective learning.

 Aside the academic status of California,  the state also houses the home for entertainment,  Hollywood, in the country. The story behind the birth and metamorphosis of the Hollywood movies can not be extirpated from history.

California is sometimes referred to as the entertainment capital of the United States because it has produced many movie stars and has many fantastic movie studio.

2. Washington DC 

Capitol Hill

For tourists, Washington DC is the home to soothe their quest.  The country’s capital has 11 museums out of the total 19 Smithsonian museums in the country.

In the heart of Washington DC lies a museum known as the National museum of African American history and culture. 

The museum is equipped extensive documentation of history,  life,  art and culture of the African American community. These teaches wide knowledge of the civil war,  slavery and other unforgettable memories.

3. New York City

New York City was the seat of power when the US came into existence in the 18th century.  The city became a business as well as immigration destination for potential investors.

36% of residents in the city are foreigners trooping in from North America, Africa, Asia and Europe continents.

The city houses quite a number of most important skyscrapers standing tall at all sides of the city,  some of which includes the Freedom tower and Emperor State Building. These structures add more to the existing beauty of the ancient city.

4. Yellowstone National Park, Montana 

Image by Big Sky Lodge

Montana-located National Park is a home to different species of animals and other sight-seeing wonders. It is the first National Park in the world and has invited millions of tourists at its feet from all walks of life.

The Park has  eruptions that shoots about 32,000 liters of water in the air up to a level of 55m. Norris Geyser Basin,  Prismatic spring and mud volcano are few of the qualities that set the Park out amongst all other Parks in the worl

5. Michigan image

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore has once been declared the most beautiful place in the United States of America.

The state of Michigan is  blessed with beautiful forests, and also with the world’s largest freshwater lake. Michigan is also the home of some famous sport teams of the world such as The Tigers (Baseball team) and The Red wings (Hockey team).

6. Texas Image of ACL

ACL (Austin City Limits) and SXSW (South by Southwest) are two festivals that shake the world to bring lovers of arts and music together in Texas.

The magical events promotes the art culture of the country and brings the US to a display screen.

7. Baltimore

Image by

Baltimore remains historic city for being the largest in Maryland and the port that saw to the birth of the country’s national anthem. 

The city holds the oldest market in the country; The historic Lexington market. Founded in 1782, the market is a home to a lot of items that can not be found elsewhere in the country.

8. Hawaii

Image by National Geographic

Sandy beaches, steep valleys and mountains are what set Hawaii different from all cities of the United. 

The State is also significantly blessed with eight main islands that together has made her stand out among other states.

9. Atlanta

Atlanta Skyline and Highway at Sunset -Atlanta.Gov

 The Georgian capital is enriched in a deep and colorful historical significance.  Millions of people have been buzzing the streets of Atlanta from other parts of the world to feel the vibrant cultural value of the city.

Atlanta houses the National historic site of Martin Luther King, and also is the birth place of the great man. Also blessed with one of the world best aquarium,  the city has played significance as a leading visit for tourists.

10. Florida

YouTube Image-Florida Travels

The South Beach of Miami in Florida is filled with bikini-clad women roller-blade and body-building work men.

The state has one of the best beaches in the world and an overflowing area of wildlife.

USA Destinations are popular around the world, and to date, they command one of the largest tourist traffic annually.

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