If You Have The Time To Explore Asia This Summer, Here Are The Exotic Destinations You Need To Know

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Best Summer Destinations in Asia

All over the world, summer is usually the appropriate time to travel for holidays with the family. However, if you intend to spend this period in Asia, it is important to know holiday locations with favourable weather conditions during this season.

Often, the summer temperature can be extremely uncomfortable for visitors in various places within the Indian subcontinent and the southern region of Asia. However, for your delight, we have identified a few locations that are among the best summer destinations in Asia, which we can recommend for you to spend your holidays.

  1. Ubud, Bali
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Reputable global writers and artists make this town popular also; it is the cultural centre of Bali. Presently, there are exhibitions of beautiful works by artists in museums, which attracts visitors from different countries.  You can visualize the growth of civilization of the town over the last century from these paintings. Ubud is also rich in authentic local and artistic performances, which include puppets acts and the Kecak dance.

The local temples in the city perform their customary ceremonies and this is always an exciting experience. Engross yourself during your holidays in one of the meditations and yoga exercises at Ubud’s local Salas. The Monkey Forest has some of Indonesia’s lovely animals. Most of the cuisine at major restaurants are healthy and mouth-watering.

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  1. Lombok
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This is a small and peaceful town. It has crystal-clear and warm beaches that have attracted global tourists and surfers and have made it a popular summer destination in Asia. Lombok has natural landscapes, deluxe forest-clad scenery, eye-catching volcanoes, and incredible dive spots. With these stunning and immersive features, this island is perfect for visitors who intend to exercise their muscles.

We also recommend that you participate in the two-day walk to the summit of Mt. Rinjani. There are striking geographies along the road to the mountain such as waterfalls and jungles. You also get to camp is an exquisite lodge. You cannot forget an experience in such a hurry just like any of the iconic UK destinations.

  1. Ladakh
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 One of the best summer destinations in Asia with its outstanding physical and cultural features. This elevated desert-like town has sky-high mountains, massive valleys, and a cavernous turquoise lake. Ladakh is also home to one of the long-lasting Buddhist religious societies in existence, which have several monasteries located on rocky landscapes.

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Apple and apricot orchards add beauty and style to the banks of beaches and rivers. Tourists can explore the hamlets and villages filled with cultural features when participating in hiking and walking or driving along the distant Shyok valley. Ladakh is also home to ancient dance festivals and is rich in tradition and culture.

  1. Sumba Island
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Famed as “The Forgotten Island”, majority of the inhabitants of Sumba Island still keep the practices of their ancestors. The primeval white sand beaches with bristle palm trees and crystal-clear waters make this Island an attractive and exceptional resort location.

You can choose to sit and enjoy the natural views or decide to embark on diverse exploratory activities. Snorkelling, hiking, walking, surfing, and cascading waterfalls are some of the exciting things you can undertake in Sumba Island.

  1. Hoi-an

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

The bright yellow-washed streets and clear silk lanterns make this town one of the best summer destinations in Asia. It holds diverse ancient and historical features that attract the visits of people from all over the world.

There are adorable artifacts, textiles, and other attractive handicrafts along the streets and markets, which can be accessible by foot only. Restaurants in this city offer perfect local meals.

Last Words

Wherever you turn to among these summer destinations in Asia, you can be sure that a swell time awaits you. Fell free to share you experience with us below.

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